Consider the difference it would make to your work and life if the organisation you’re working for REALLY cared about you.  One that encouraged you to take your leave. One that did something about it when you were under pressure. One that listened to and supported you when work (or even life) wasn’t going so well.

It’s easy to believe all employers are uncaring when your own employer – and those of everyone you talk to – seem to be behaving harshly or even badly.

But that isn’t the case.

There are good employers out there. You just need some help finding them.

  • Are you under pressure at work?
  • Does it feel as if you spend all your waking hours there?
  • And even when you’re not at work, do you feel stressed?

Perhaps you’re getting texts and calls from your boss at all hours of the day and night. Maybe even at the weekend or when you’re on holiday, or even when you’re off sick.

There’s no rest for the wicked, is there?

Except you’re far from wicked. You’re hard-working, dedicated and conscientious. You’re always keen to take on extra projects and fill in the gaps when your colleagues are on leave or off sick.

But nothing ever seems to be enough and now you’re just getting more and more exhausted. (Although when you need time off, your boss gripes and moans about it.)

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